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Per-Policy Coding Guide

This listing contains each version of the Per-Policy Coding Guide
Update number Date Summary of change Coding guide
7 19 September 2011 Amendment of the field rate of increment / decrement to non mandatory v1.7
6 14 January 2010 Further guidance on claims processing and claim dates, clarification regarding rated lives and removal of impairment codes, additional codes for pension source type and further guidance on bulk purchase annuity business v1.6
5 27 July 2009 Changes regarding status of data under data protection legislation and security of data transmissions v1.5
4 18 July 2008 Changes to clarify (a) benefit amounts, (b) start and end dates of the investigation year, and (c) categorisation of bancassurance business v1.4
3 24 June 2008 Changes to (a) expand benefit type to specify type of annuity, (b) increased guidance for submitting joint life data, (c) details of the initiative with the HCF to standardise ‘date of claim’ for critical illness claims and (d) minor typographical errors/ formatting fixed v1.3
2 13 September 2006 Amendment of conflicting benefit codes, and greater clarification of benefit types under flexible life and critical illness plans v1.2
1 6 June 2006 Full postcode field now acceptable v1.1
0 December 2005 Original version v1.0

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