Working Paper 95: Mortality experience of pensioners for the period 2008 to 2015

CMI Working Paper 95 was published in February 2017.  The working paper presents an analysis of the mortality experience of data received by 30 June 2016, covering the period 2008 to 2015.  Note: This paper is available to Authorised Users only but the executive summary is available to all.

Working paper 95 contains an analysis of the CMI SAPS mortality experience for the period 2008 to 2015 based on data collected by 30 June 2016. The mortality experience for this dataset is compared against the unadjusted "S2" series tables and the "S2" series tables projected with the CMI Mortality Projections Model, CMI_2015. Results are provided for the various pensioner categories, by calendar year and split into pension amount bands.

An executive summary has been produced for Working Paper 95 and is contained in a separate document. This provides a brief synopsis of the working paper to give readers an insight into the analysis that is presented. It is a standalone document but the SAPS Mortality Committee encourages readers to refer to the full working paper, especially if using the results.

Summary files of the data

Files used in the analysis are available below. Please note that these files have been made available on the understanding that:

  • although the CMI has made reasonable attempts to validate the data, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and the CMI accepts no liability for its use;
  • any published comment or analysis should acknowledge the CMI as the source of the data.

Data has been made available for all of the tables and graphs in the report. In addition exposed to risk and death data by individual age and year are published for the Male and Female pensioner group and for Female Dependants.

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