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Casualty Actuarial Society

You must meet the criteria set out in the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) in order to apply for mutual recognition

Under the terms of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) include you must:

  • have attained full membership of CAS by examination and not in recognition of membership of another actuarial association
  • attest that you wish to pursue actively the profession of actuary in the UK or the Republic of Ireland or to advise on UK or Irish business
  • have at least three years’ recent appropriate practical experience of which at least one year must be of UK or Irish business
  • have attended an approved Fellowship professionalism course which is accredited by the IFoA as equivalent to the IFoA Professional Skills Course
  • at the same time as applying, disclose to the IFoA any public disciplinary sanctions that have been imposed against you by any actuarial organisation of which you are a member and authorise in writing the CAS to release relevant records to the IFoA concerning any adverse disciplinary determination, finding, sanction and/or penalty, to which you have been subject, in accordance with the CAS’s disciplinary process. Such records will be taken into consideration by the IFoA in considering the application, and may be retained by the IFoA thereafter for as long as is reasonably necessary; and
  • have passed the IFoA Practice Module in General Insurance.

The full terms are set out in the CAS Mutual Recognition Agreement.

If you are not currently a member of the IFoA you will need to become an affiliate member and apply for consideration as a Fellow to begin the mutual recognition application process

You must also include with your application:

  • a recent letter from your actuarial body confirming your membership status
  • a recent letter from your current employer confirming your length of employment
  • proof of higher education (university) and professional qualifications
  • proof of attendance at a professionalism course.

Your completed application must be sent to the Membership Team at the IFoA.  Please check the application form and ensure you have included all relevant documents.  You can send us digital copies of your signed application form and documents.

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We aim to respond to all initial enquiries within two working days.