The results of the 2021 Council Elections were announced at the IFoA’s Annual General Meeting, which was held by live webinar today.

Nine members were elected to the vacant General constituency seats: Hannah Coleman, Charles Cowling, Michelle Darracott, Hitesh Shah, Sunil Sharma, Malcolm Slee, Nick Spencer, Mark Williams and Masimba Zata.

Patrick Kelliher was appointed into the sole vacant Scottish constituency seat, as this election was uncontested.

Congratulations to all our new Council members, and many thanks to all who stood for election for their excellent candidacy.

Full details of the election, including the report of voting from Civica Election Services (who administered the election of behalf of the IFoA), can be found on our Council elections webpage. A full list of our Council members for the 2021/2022 sessional year can be seen on our Council members webpage.