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Examination Appeals – what you need to know

Students at the IFoA may submit an appeal against an exam result decision. If you are thinking about making an appeal, please be aware of what grounds you can base your appeal on.

When you submit a Stage 1 appeal, the IFoA will make an initial assessment of your application to ensure it meets the appeal threshold for further investigation.  You may submit appeals for the following reasons:

1. Irregular procedure or improper conduct of an assessment

This can include procedures for question setting, marking and results moderation . Specific evidence must be provided to support this.

What will not be accepted for consideration:

  • exam centre related issues
  • online platform issues
  • questioning academic judgement  
  • believing you ‘should have got a better mark’
  • not being aware of the IFoA’s marking guidelines.

2. Extenuating personal circumstances which affected your assessment, you could not reasonably disclose under the mitigating circumstances policy

An explanation for why you did not submit a Mitigating Circumstances application within 7 days of sitting your exam is always required.

What will not be accepted for consideration:

  • not being aware of the Mitigating Circumstances policy
  • not disclosing a medical condition through ‘embarrassment’ or ‘stigma’
  • not having a formal diagnosis at the time: Mitigating Circumstances applications only requires evidence of symptoms and students have an additional 21 days to obtain supporting documents.

For the September 2018 exams, the IFoA received 60 Stage 1 appeals; 42 appeals were dismissed as not meeting the threshold and consequently were not investigated.

There is a fee of £200 for appeal applications.