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IFoA appoints Senior Review Actuary

David GordonWe are pleased to announce the appointment of David Gordon to the role of Senior Review Actuary at the IFoA.

David comes to the IFoA with over 30 years’ experience in the pensions industry. He has worked with Willis Towers Watson throughout his career, advising numerous UK pension schemes, and their sponsors, on how best to deliver funding, investment, and risk management.

Alongside client work, David provides guidance to colleagues worldwide on best practice and professional issues. He is Willis Towers Watson's Senior Quality Assurance Representative under the IFoA's Quality Assurance Scheme and was voted Actuarial Post's Pensions Actuary of the Year 2016.

As Senior Review Actuary, David will be heading up the IFoA’s Actuarial Review Team, working with IFoA Executive colleagues, as well as various specialists and experts, in the delivery of the IFoA’s Thematic Review Programme. The Thematic Review Programme was announced in September 2019 following proposals to introduce monitoring of the quality of actuarial work.

The Thematic Review Programme, will involve review of how work is being carried out by actuaries in practice, including review of the work itself, allowing the IFoA to share useful learning and good practice with Members and their employers. We are thrilled to have David joining the IFoA and look forward to welcoming him as a colleague at our Edinburgh offices from January 2020.