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IFoA Thematic Review Programme

The IFoA Thematic Review Programme (TRP) is based on collaboration between the IFoA, our members, and the organisations for which they work. The TRP involves review of how work is being carried out in practice by actuaries, including review of the work itself, which will allow the IFoA to share useful learning and good practice with members and their employers. The IFoA hopes that the benefits to organisations will include enhanced information about the quality of the actuarial work upon which they rely to make significant decisions.

The Thematic Review Team is currently working on two reviews. The findings of the first review, Actuarial Factors Used to Calculate Benefits in UK Pension Schemes, will be published in a report in December 2020. The second review underway is in the area of actuarial involvement in pricing for UK Home and Motor insurance and will report its findings in early 2021.

The TRP Team is also finalising topics for future reviews with an announcement by the end of the year.  

For all the latest information visit the Thematic Review Programme webpage.