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IFoA Volunteers - Not all heroes wear capes

The place of the volunteer in the IFoA has long been valued and recognised; we remain a membership organisation reliant on and driven by actuaries like you, and other professionals, who give their time for the good of the profession and to enhance actuarial science.

VolunteeringThe place of the volunteer in the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is embedded in our DNA. To us they’re true actuarial heroes.

After all, without volunteers (past and present), the IFoA would not be what it is today, nor would it be able to deliver on its current aims and objectives or be able to realise its Corporate Plan and Strategy.  

But the contributions our volunteers make are often behind the scenes – not all heroes wear capes!

In the run-up to International Volunteer Day (5 December) we’re celebrating the incredible work of our ‘actuarial heroes’; the diverse range of volunteers, from the newest Student, to leading IFoA Council Members and Board Chairs, to those from outside the actuarial world, who all come together to support their peers and secure the future of the profession.

Today we’re bringing news of a new way we’re recognising our volunteers as well as issuing a call for you to tell us about those you feel have made an outstanding contribution in the field of volunteering.

Celebrating the exceptional commitment of IFoA volunteers

From origins in mid-nineteenth century in both Edinburgh and London, to our present-day global community, our ‘actuarial heroes’ have grown in number to more than 4,000 individual volunteers, representing more than 12% of the membership. Many carry out more than one volunteer role, demonstrating a commitment to the profession from IFoA members that goes above and beyond the norm.

This commitment is one of our greatest strengths and the impact and value cannot be overstated.

Badge for Volunteer RecognitionAs a small token of recognition, in 2012, we commissioned the creation of a special silver volunteer recognition pin (plus a gold version for Council members). All IFoA volunteers are entitled to wear this silver volunteer recognition pin – this is not only a mark of recognition but it allows these volunteers to support other members by acting as volunteer ambassadors at our conferences and events.

Now, in November 2019, as a result of a suggestion from Ben Stroud, an IFoA volunteer (secretary of the Value of With-Profits for Consumers Working Party and CPD Co-ordinator for the FCA),  we are pleased to also launch a new digital volunteer recognition pin, for use on email signatures and sharing on social media, so that volunteers can display their commitment to the profession and encourage colleagues and peers to volunteer.

Volunteer Ben Stroud said:

“Volunteering for the profession is a fantastic way to help advance actuarial science and provides volunteers with valuable personal and professional development opportunities,”

“The silver volunteer recognition pins were launched back in 2012 and with the new digital ‘pins’ members can promote the importance of volunteering through their network more frequently.”

Recognising outstanding contributions

Volunteering globeThis November, we are also launching a call for nominations for ‘outstanding contribution’ recognition.

The work of the IFoA is a partnership between volunteers and executive staff. Sometimes one individual goes the extra mile.

If you feel a fellow volunteer – or a member of the IFoA executive staff – has provided outstanding service to you as an IFoA member, to an IFoA project, or to the IFoA or the actuarial profession generally, we would like to hear from you so that we can recognise their contribution.

Please give examples of things which have really impressed you by emailing our Head of Engagement Debbie Atkins. These will be collated and shared with the Presidential team and Directors of the IFoA.

Debbie Atkins would also be delighted to talk to you if you would like to find out how you too can get involved in Volunteering for the IFoA.

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