In the UK, there is a significant backlog of infrastructure projects. The level of investment by Institutions like pension funds and insurers is less than what the country needs to drive long term growth and job creation. The IFoA has relevant expertise to understand why this is and to propose solutions.

Our Policy work on infrastructure is a collaboration between the Policy team and the Infrastructure Working Party.  The Working Party is jointly sponsored by the Finance & Investment Board and the Risk Management Board.

The outputs listed below include:

  • In-depth analysis of specific types of infrastructure asset
  • A description of the UK investment landscape
  • Case studies of housing, transport and renewable energy
  • The IFoA’s response to a National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) consultation
  • Summary of an event on sustainable infrastructure jointly hosted with the Aldersgate Group

In addition we engage with key stakeholders such as the NIC and Department for Transport by organising meetings and attending events.

Contact Details

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