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The Data Science* Working Party was created in 2018, and is a successor to the now disbanded Modelling, Analytics and Insights from Data (MAID working party).


The overall objective of the Data Science Working Party is to be a source of delivering key objectives throughout on an annual basis of this will be to include case studies, webinars, events, strengthening the blend of actuarial expertise's. How we can integrate data science application within IFoA in our educational system and techniques we can use within our industry that are credible.

*We refer to “Data Science” as a collective term for: Data Science, Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Analysis, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Visualisation, Predictive Modelling, Deep learning.


Objectives for Data Science WP for 2020 (considering Covid-19):

  • Two Data Science events 
  • GIRO 2020 Contribution
  • Three case studies 
  • Three webinars 
  • International Kaggle competition


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Chair Asif John
Members 8
Established 2018


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