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Non-Executive Directors

Welcome to the Non-Executive Directors' Member Interest Group (NED MIG) community where members can share knowledge and ideas and gain insight into general issues affecting Boards and NEDs

A management committee sets and delivers this MIG's objectives.

The NED MIG management committee is:

Seamus Creedon (Chair)
Ashok Gupta
David Lamb
Kathy Byrne
Kalpana Shah
Michael Tripp

Pauline Armitage

This group is a focus group for persons holding NED roles and/or persons interested in NED roles.  It is recognised that potential members can also hold governance roles such as being members of with-profit committees, however the group's objectives are tailored for the non-executive director role, and the main objective is to promote actuaries as valuable NEDs

The NED group main objectives


  • providing a platform for sharing resources and experience to help develop current and potential NEDs
  • providing a platform for engaging stimulating discussions on current issues and challenges facing NEDs (particularly in the regulated financial services context) through open forums and on-line forums 


  • promoting the value which actuaries can add as NEDs, particularly in the financial services context
  • acting as informal representative body for NEDs and working with Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and external stakeholders including regulators to help address issues affecting Actuary NEDs


As part of its objectives, the NEDs MIG managing committee is committed to organising events to stimulate sharing and discussion of various challenges facing NEDs across all practice areas, but more importantly guidance for aspiring NEDs.


NED Community Resource - Please note this list of resources is sourced from member suggestions and does not imply endorsement by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Contact Details

If you want more information about Member Interest Groups, or would like to start one, please contact the Practice Executive: