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About Health and Care

Actuaries have long been involved in financial planning for the NHS and this is now a growing area for actuarial work as the government looks for ways to restructure the welfare state to meet the changing needs, demands and expectations of a changing population

Evolving health provision models to meet changing needs is also a feature of the expansion of private sector work. Actuaries work with other health professionals to find appropriate solutions for private medical insurance, income protection, critical illness, and long-term care insurance.

Health and Care is a small but valuable field

Health and Care is truly a cross practice area, as it touches on life, pensions, risk management and resource and environment. Its outputs in the areas of research and continuing professional development (CPD) impact actuaries working in a variety of fields.

The Health and Care Board actively influences the environment in which actuaries practice

The Health and Care Board, a member-led Board run by senior volunteer actuaries, advises the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) on important health and care issues. The Health and Care Board sets key objectives annually and has oversight of two subcommittees:

The Health and Care Board and its subcommittees shape the IFoA’s education, standards, CPD, events and research

The Health and Care Board and its subcommittees are committed to ensuring that their members are educated and practice in an environment of the highest standard. Notably, they Board and its sub-committees are responsible for:

  • developing topics for member-led research working parties and helping push through research outputs, such as sessional research papers, presentations or articles in the British Actuarial Journal
  • pushing forward timely CPD opportunities and events, ensuring all members have access to CPD of the highest standard
  • helping to shape IFoA responses on consultations
  • raising issues of strategic interest to the profession.

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