Working Paper 108: Interim “all offices” experience of term assurances, 2011-2015.

Important note: These results were described as “interim” as the Committee was keen to receive further term assurances data for these years to allow final "all offices" results to be produced. Additional data has subsequently been received and results for the years 2011-2016 are available alongside Working Paper 123. In Working Papers 108 and 123, the results in Section 8 are described as showing high-level experience by calendar year for durations 5+. Erroneously, the results actually show experience for a subset of that data. We have reissued these papers with a prominent “health warning” to use Working Paper 132, which includes correct results to 2018 instead of using either of these papers.

Working Paper 108 was originally published in June 2018. The working paper describes the experience of mortality and critical illness under term assurances in the years 2011 to 2015; the results are available in accompanying spreadsheets. Note: this paper and the results are available to Authorised Users only.

There is a summary spreadsheet (linked below) for each benefit type – Mortality (DB), Accelerated Critical Illness (ACI) and Standalone Critical Illness (SCI) – and datasheets containing more granular data are available on request. Please refer to the paper for more details. The three sets of Summary results released alongside this paper are:

Alongside this paper, we issued a survey to data contributors and other stakeholders to help guide our approach to future data collection and to the prioritisation of other work. A document summarising the responses to the survey and the Committee’s updated plans regarding future work is now available. Download the response summary

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