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CMI Working Paper 120

Working Paper 120: Final “IP06” claim inception rates for individual income protection experience, 2003-2010.

CMI Working Paper 120 was published in March 2019. It covers the final “IP06” Series claim inception rates based on CMI income protection experience in the period 2003-2010. The paper summarises feedback on the consultation, the changes made as a result and describes the final tables.

Download the final “IP06” claim inception rates

Note: the working paper and accompanying spreadsheets are available to Authorised Users only.

Other outputs

The data underlying the graduations was made available when Working Paper 109 was issued. This is unchanged for the final tables. This can be used in conjunction with the “CMI Graduation software v0.2 (beta)”, which accompanied Working Paper 77, to replicate the “IP06” graduations or test alternative methods.

A spreadsheet comparing the claim inceptions experience of the dataset with the proposed graduations, and showing the results of statistical tests and accompanying charts for subsets of data, is also available.

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