CMI Model parameters

In this companion paper to the CMI_2023 consultation in Working Paper 183 we provide an overview of all of the CMI Model parameters, noting when the parameters were most recently reviewed in detail and when previous changes to parameters were made. 

The Committee considered the Core parameter values more widely as part of the CMI_2023 consultation, and in this paper we include analysis of the sensitivity of Model results to various parameters that are not included in the usual sensitivity section of the results working paper that accompanies the annual release of the Model. This paper includes further analysis of the sensitivity to several other parameters and methods, based on the illustrative version of CMI_2023 published alongside Working Paper 183:

  • All-age exposure adjustment
  • Calibration data period
  • Shape of convergence
  • Convergence periods


The paper and accompanying spreadsheets are available to Authorised Users only.

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