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CMI Working Papers 90, 91 and 93

Working Paper 90: CMI Mortality Projections Model consultation; Working Paper 91: CMI Mortality Projections Model consultation - technical paper; and Working Paper 93: CMI Mortality Projections Model: Consultation responses and plans for CMI_2016

The CMI Mortality Projections Committee has been reviewing the CMI Model and proposes to make changes in the next version, CMI_2016, due to be released in March 2017. These changes are described in Working Paper 93, which also summarises the responses to the consultation and includes an early estimate of life expectancy values in CMI_2016, based on data to 14 October 2016.

The consultation itself is described in Working Paper 90 (originally released in June 2016 and updated in July and August) with further technical detail in Working Paper 91 and accompanying illustrative software (released in August and updated in December 2016).

The Committee held public consultation meetings in Edinburgh on 29 June and in London on 11 July to discuss its proposals; the slides are available here.

All versions of the Model can be accessed by CMI Subscribers from the main Mortality Projections page.

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