Working paper 30 and version 1.0 of the CMI Library of mortality projections

CMI Working Paper 30 summarises the responses received to CMI Working Paper 27 and the draft Library of mortality projections, the CMI's reaction to these points, and the resultant changes incorporated in version 1.0 of the library

The Mortality Projections Task Force produced the draft ‘library’ of mortality projections which was published, together with Working paper 27, in July 2007. Meetings to discuss the draft library were held in London and Edinburgh during July. The slides from these meetings can be accessed on the right.

The Task Force invited feedback on all aspects of the draft library of mortality projections and CMI Working Paper 27. Over 40 responses were received from a variety of individuals and organisations, including many of the larger insurance companies and pension consultancies.

The Task Force considered all the comments received, together with points made in discussion at the various meetings, and whether - and how - these should be reflected in version 1.0 of the library which was published simultaneously with this working paper.

The latest version (1.4) of the CMI library of mortality projections was released in April 2013.

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