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Mortality and Longevity webinar series 2020
July/August 2020

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The IFoA diabetes working party - our journey so far

Beyond Control - what could be our next big health threat?

A New Framework for Future Mortality
This presentation examined the challenges arising in setting mortality improvement assumptions, exposing known but under-explored vulnerabilities of current practices. An entirely new framework is proposed, one built around the characteristics of short-, medium- and long-term outlooks, which puts greater weight on forward-looking (rather than extrapolative) approaches. 

Clusters and correlations in international mortality trends
Speaker: Florian Gomez, Partner Re
We investigate trend change events across various countries and both genders in detail, revealing cross-country clusters and serial correlations in the trend change signs.

'Researching research' - how to make use of medical research papers
Speakers: Matthew Edwards, Willis Towers Watson and Dan Ryan, COIOS Research
Experienced mortality/ longevity specialists discuss the issues in the interpretation of  medical research papers, using a range of case studies. The case studies will include COVID-19 points of current importance. 

What can we learn from mortality by cause of death?
Speaker: Dov Raphael, Consulting Actuary
Members of the Mortality Working Group of the IAA have analysed changes in mortality for about 30 causes of death and will discuss how causes of death are classified, and the problems of long-term data, appropriate metrics, including "years of life lost" (YLL)* and more.

Towards Precision Insurance: dynamic hazards modelling in Big Data
Speaker: Elena Kulinskaya, University of East Anglia
In this talk, we demonstrate how the landmark survival modelling of electronic health records (EHR) can be used for dynamic prediction of individual and population life expectancy. 


Webinar Series: IFoA Protection Health and Care and Mortality and LongevitySymposium 2019
4-6 June 2019

Introductions and CMI Update
(Length 01:19:16)

Marriage Matters: A practical guide to modelling contingent dependants
(Length 00:48:57)

Drug innovation and longevity
(Length 00:49:28)

Trends in the cause-specific mortality experience in England and Wales
(Length 00:45:41)

10 longevity insights that I wish I'd known sooner
(Length 00:52:26)

Longevity trend risk over limited time horizons
(Length 00:55:55)

Waste not - calibrating mortality models using all information
(Length 00:54:01)

Launching an impaired life proposition in 10 weeks
(Length 00:45:51)

Population Health Management Working Party
(Length 00:48:37)

Antibiotic Resistance Working Party
(Length 00:49:57)

Developments in mental health underwriting
(Length 00:54:03)

Access, exclusion and trust in insurance
(Length 00:50:22)

Identifying avoidable admissions using international benchmarks
(Length 00:40:56)

Critical Illness: A tale of three continents
(Length 00:51:28)

Modifiable Risks
(Length 00:48:03)

The CMI Webinar - "S3" Mortality Tables
Friday 14 December 2018
(Length 00:58:24)

Momentum 2016
30 November - 2 December 2016

Plenary 1: Why networking is important for your career and the skills to succeed
Plenary 2 Lightning talks (hot topics in 60 minutes)
Plenary 3: Winners curse - Game theory and insurance pricing
Plenary 4: Panel discussion on Brexit

International Mortality and Longevity Symposium 2016
7-9 September 2016

Sessions available:
Plenary 1 - Can We Live Forever?
Plenary 2 - Casual Model for Mortality, Morbidity and Longevity
Plenary 3 - Longevity and Fiscal Policies
Plenary 4 - Health and Longevity - Can We Have Both?
Plenary 5 - Big Data & Longevity, Morbidity or Mortality
Plenary 6 - How Do You Know If You're Ageing Faster Than Others

Longevity Basis Risk Methodology

Actuaries of the Future 2015

Plenary 1 - Growing as an Actuary
Speaker: Feifei Zhang, video
Plenary 2 - Actuary as a career choice
Speaker: Dr Yan Liu
Plenary 3 - To best prepare you for a life-long career journey

Momentum Conference 2015
2-4 December 2015, video

Sessions available:
Plenary 1: We Need to Talk about Sustainability - How are Actuaries going to Face Climate Change and Other 21st Century Issues
Speakers: Nico Aspinall, Towers Watson and Louise Pryor
Plenary 2: Behavioural Finance and Retirement Decision Making
Speaker: Iain Clacher, Leeds University Business School
Plenary 3: Expert Judgement
Speakers: Kieran Barnes, Bank of England and Stephen Makin, Hymans Robertson
Plenary 4: A Career as a Chief Investment Officer - Could You Have What it Takes?
Speakers: Jan Coetzee, Swiss Re; Alasdair MacDonald, Towers Watson and Ian McKinlay, Lloyds Banking Group

GIRO 2015 Plenary Videos
20-23 October 2015

Sessions available:
Plenary 1: Insurance in a Changed World
Plenary 2: Who Profits? Delivering an Ethical Return
Plenary 3: Alleviating Reserving Stress
Plenary 5: Modelling: The Next Generation
Plenary 6: Tomorrow's World: Customer, Investor or Risk?
Plenary 7: Keynote Speaker - Professor John Kay CBE
Plenary 8: Professional Skills - Members Behaving Badly?


International Mortality and Longevity Symposium 2014
15-17 September 2014, video

Videos available:
Plenary 1: Advances in the Biology of Ageing
Speaker: Prof Richard Faragher, Chair, British Society for Research on Ageing
Plenary 2: International Perspective
Speaker: Robert L. Brown, President of International Actuarial Association                  
Plenary 3: Big health data: perspectives across the patient journey from linking multiple record sources’
Speaker: Prof Harry Hemingway, Director of the Farr Institute of Health Informatics
Plenary 4: Coherent mortality forecasting of multiple populations using functional data models
Speaker: Dr Heather Booth, Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
Plenary 6: Applying Insights to Mortality Projection Models
Speakers: Richard Willets, Partnership, Joseph Lu, Legal and General and Tim Crayford, Just Retirement

The Implications of the Scottish Independence Referendum for Financial Services
Mortality Seminar Series: Exploring the Future; Defining the Questions
17 June 2013
Mortality Thought Leadership Seminar Series: Socioeconomic Inequalities in Mortality and Longevity
12 March 2013
Spring Lecture 2013
Autumn Lecture 2013

Momentum Conference 2013

Plenary 2: The Future of Actuarial Science
Donald Mango, Guy Carpenter
Plenary 4: All Aboard
Simon Grout, Steve Allan, Scott Mitchell

Momentum Conference 2012: Effective Decision Making
Mortality Seminar Series Dementia Research: Where Are We and What Are the Gaps?
28 November 2012

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