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Income Protection

Working Paper 109 

Proposed “IP06” claim inception rates for individual income protection experience (Issue date: 11/07/2018; Response date: 30/09/2018)
Working paper 102 Income Protection experience by benefit amount band and policy duration, 2003-2010 (Issue date: 25/08/2017)
Working paper 96 “All offices” individual Income Protection sickness experience for the 2007-2010 quadrennium  (Issue date:  17/03/2017)
Working paper 72 Analysis of individual income protection experience, 1991-2009, by cause of sickness.  (Issue date:  17/04/2014; Response Date: N/A)
Working paper 60 Sickness experience for individual income protection policies: experience for 2003-2006 compared with 1991-2002; results for 1991-2006 re-stated using IPM 1991-98 as the comparison basis (Issue date: 17/02/2012)
Working paper 59 Reporting sickness experience for the CMI individual income protection investigation: summary statement of revised methodology; description of updated format of results tables; and analysis of change in methodology and comparison basis (Issue date: 17/02/2012)

Working paper 48

An overview of the sickness inception and termination rate graduations (Issue date: 30/07/2010)
Working paper 47 The graduation of sickness rates for the CMI individual income protection experience for males 1991-98 of males, occupational class 1 (Issue date: 30/07/2010)

Working paper 46

Background papers on the analysis of CMI individual income protection claim records (Issue date: 30/07/2010)

Working paper 24

Sickness experience 1999-2002 for group income protection policies (Issue date: 13/12/2006)

Working paper 23

Analysis of individual income protection experience by cause of disability (Issue date: 09/08/2006)

Working papers 5, 6 and 7

New graduations of income protection termination experience (Issue date: 07/05/2004)


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