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Working Paper 139

Considerations relating to COVID-19 for mortality and morbidity assumptions (Issue date: 05/10/2020; Response date: 01/11/2020)

Working Paper 122

Final report of the High Age Mortality Working Party

Working Paper 106 A proposed approach to closing off CMI mortality tables. (Issue date: 05/06/2018; Response date: 14/09/2018)
Working paper 100 A second report on high age mortality (Issue date: 30/06/2017)
Working paper 85 Initial report on the features of high age mortality.  (Issue date 16/10/2015)
Working paper 77 Report of the Graduation and Modelling Working Party (Issue date 06/03/2015)
Working paper 68 Notes on statistical modelling of mortality and morbidity experience data (Issue date: 09/07/2013)
Working paper 40 Changes to the coding guide for CMI per-policy data (Issue date: 17/08/2009)
Working paper 19 Per-policy data submission (Issue date: 21/12/2005)
Working paper 13 Draft mortality investigation coding guide (Issue date: 27/04/2005)

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