The UK Asbestos Working Party investigates asbestos related claims based on UK market data, investigates trends and reacts accordingly.

The objectives of the UK Asbestos Working Party are to:

  • collect UK insurance market data on a yearly basis for UK asbestos related claims
  • collect data other relating to UK asbestos related diseases, such as from the CRU, etc.
  • compare trends in survey data against the AWP’s market estimates and react accordingly
  • maintain contact with key individuals and organisations such as the HSE, Prof. Peto, etc.
  • understand and respond legal and/or industry developments affecting asbestos related claims in the UK
  • if a new market estimate is required to develop and make available, a population/insurance claim projection models for UK asbestos related claims.

UK Asbestos Working Party Data Request

The UK Asbestos Working Party periodically carries out market surveys of insurance company UK asbestos-related claims in order that they can estimate the future cost of UK asbestos-related claims to the insurance industry.



Models and spreadsheets


Chair: Robert Brooks
Membership: 12
Established: 2010

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