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IFoA Covid-19 Action Taskforce (ICAT) workstreams

Covid-19 a once-in-a-century event that will shape the profession for years to come.  Some actuaries, particularly those involved in pandemic risk, are now at the forefront of understanding Covid-19. Many more are involved in supporting clients and employers deal with the varied implications.

The IFoA has a significant role to play in the current crisis and in order to ensure that it can do this speedily and effectively, a Covid-19 Action Taskforce (ICAT) was established and is responsible for leading and coordinating the IFoA’s response to the coronavirus crisis.  This volunteer activity across the organisation is led by Louise Pryor (incoming President-Elect) along with Colin Dutkiewicz (Chair, Life Board) and Jo Davis (Head of Communities).

There is also a small team of volunteers working with this ICAT Management Team; Julie Pallister, (lead), Kirstin Cam, Holly Steward and Randy Wright who undertake miscellaneous tasks to aid with the coordination, oversight and running of the ICAT workstreams. To date this has included reviewing and presenting the results of the survey, supporting with workstream volunteer allocations, coordinating responses to reviews of papers and assisting with communications.

We have received interest from 557 volunteers and countless topics which have been amalgamated into 93 workstreams.

Below is what we know thus far and will be updated regularly as more information comes through.

To help the Practice Boards and workstreams in their work, we have produced a helpful Guidance Note. Please contact Dawn McIntosh for further information.

Download the guidance note


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