CMI Working Paper 62 contains an analysis of the CMI SAPS mortality experience of pensioners of self-administered pension schemes for the period 2003 to 2010 based on data collected by 30 June 2011

The mortality experience for this dataset is compared against the ‘S1’ tables and, for comparison with earlier working papers, it is also compared against the ‘00’ series normal retirement tables. Results are provided for the various pensioner categories, by calendar year and split into pension amount bands.

An Executive Summary of Working Paper 62 and is available

The Executive Summary provides a brief synopsis of the working paper to give readers an insight into the analysis that is presented. It is a standalone document but the SAPS Mortality Committee encourages readers to refer to the full working paper, especially if using the results.

Erratum (added 27 February 2013)

The formula in section 3.14 of CMI Working Paper 62 is incorrect. The erratum gives the corrected formula.

The files used in the analysis are available below. Please note the disclaimer and copyright notice set out on the paper’s front page.

All classes of pensioner, males, split by pension amount

All classes of pensioner, females, split by pension amount

All classes of pensioners, males and females, not split by pension amount

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