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Yorkshire Actuarial Society - Past events

Date Topic Speaker
18 August 2021 Reflections on professionalism Malcolm Slee
22 June 2021 COVID19 - its history and impact (student-focused event) Michael Shimwell
9 June 2021 TCFD - three things you need to know! Vanessa Hodge
28 April 2021 Pension trustee decision making Iain Clacher
30 March 2021 The use of mathematical models for decision making during the COVID-19 pandemic Mike Tildesley
4 March 2021 Life expectancy in the COVID-19 era Stuart McDonald
1 March 2021 Pooling longevity for a better retirement income Catherine Donnelly
24 February 2021 What insights can we gain from analysis of cause-of-death mortality data? Andrew Cairns
16 December 2020 Are we in the era of actuarial data science? Valerie du Preez
19 August 2020 Professional Skills Training Malcolm Slee
10 August 2020 Growing Pains: Taking the Strain Andrew Kenyon and Owen Griffiths
11 March 2020 YAS pub quiz  
20 February 2020 Hedging inflation risk in the 2020s: reacting to RPI reform and inflationary pressures Steven Sowden, Mercer
30 January 2020 The Great Risk Transfer Rebecca Deegan
9 October 2019 The future of the actuarial profession Alan Watson
18 September 2019 Data Visualisation as a Powerful Means of Communication Aidan Smith (IFoA Data Visualisation Working Party), Government Actuary’s Department
29 August 2019 Outward reinsurance framework, Glitches in the ReMatrix Benoit Rio
27 June 2019

YAS Big Event.  Topics included:


Shriti Jadav
Steve Haberman
Malcolm Slee

23 May 2019 The opportunity that technology gives to better service the public interest John Taylor
8 May 2019 The Discount Process is the Problem Jon Spain
1 May 2019 Climate risk faced by GI and Life insurers, asset managers and pension funds Andrew Tedder and Mannie Marway
14 March 2019

YAS Big event
Topics included:

Machine Learning at Aviva
Yes, we CANN!
Data Science meets Mortality Projection 


Steven Bacon 
Mario Wüthrich
Gareth Peters

6 March 2019 IFRS 17: transitional arrangements  James Thorpe and Clarence Er
24 January 2019 Public attitudes to risk and their effect on actuarial practice Hilary Salt




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