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Articles on actuarial history by actuaries

The following are selected journal articles written by members of the actuarial profession on actuarial, insurance and pensions history available within the IFoA website document library

Please see Selected books and papers on actuarial history and pioneers for a fuller list of books and papers on these topics. The articles below appear in Journal of the Institute of Actuaries (JIA), Transactions of the Faculty of Actuaries (TFA), British Actuarial Journal (BAJ) and Annals of Actuarial Science (AAS).

Actuarial pioneers and actuaries:

The 'Actuary', actuarial profession and work

Demography, mortality and life tables

Finance, interest and annuities (early evidence of mathematics addressing life contingencies)

  • Hendriks, F. (1851-1853). Contributions to the history of insurance, and of the theory of life contingencies, with a restoration of the grand pensionary De Wit's 'Treatise of life annuities'. Part I. JIA (1851-1853) 2: 121-150;  Part II. JIA (1851-1853) 2: 222-258; Part III. JIA (1851-1853) 3: 93-120.
  • Lewin, C.G. (1970). An early book on compound interest. JIA 96: 121-132. [Richard Witt's 'Arithmeticall Questions']
  • Lewin, C.G. (1981). Compound interest in the seventeenth century. JIA 108: 422-442.

(History of) Insurance, life insurance and reinsurance

  • Hendriks, F. (1853-1854). On the first Parliamentary Committee of Insurance, with remarks illustrative of other facts connected with the history of insurance. Part I. JIA 4: 58-60; Part II. JIA 4: 119-131; Part III. JIA 4: 300-359.
  • Hendriks, F. (1862). Notes on the early history of tontines. JIA 10: 205-219.
  • Walford, C. (1884-1887). History of life assurance in the United Kingdom. Part I. JIA 25: 114-133; Part II. JIA 25: 207-216; Part III. JIA 25: 257-271; Part IV. JIA 25: 433-437;  Part V. JIA 26: 1-24; Part VI. JIA 26: 120-132; Part VII. JIA 26: 302-315; Part VIII. JIA 26: 436-465

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